Why Vindlr?

Vindlr was born September of 2014 during the iPhone 6 release. After waiting in line for hours, we finally made it inside the Apple Store. Unfortunately, our options for cases were extremely limited. Everything was boring, non-protective, and overpriced. When you're spending that kind of money on a phone, you want to protect your investment. I made the mistake of buying the basic Silicone case and a week later, my brand new phone got a nice spiderweb crack on the screen after a small drop. I instantly knew this industry needed to be disrupted.

After many failed attempts at finding a reliable supplier in China, we established a connection with a US-based company that offers an impact resistant polycarbonate outer shell paired with an inner TPU liner for extra impact resistance that will keep your expensive phone safe & stylish.


Our suppliers have embraced these high quality standards & they routinely expect us to deliver top caliber products that are free of defects. Our manufacturing systems & processes yields in excess of 96% - which means we can quickly & reliably deliver high quality product without the production slowdowns associated with high defect rates. Our superior coatings protect products from damage, wear, fading, or migration of inks during the sublimation process.

We pride ourselves in our materials, processes, products, & fulfillment centers meet all global health & safety standards. Our worldwide manufacturing & supply chains are vertically integrated & we do not permit or accept the use of child labor, or poor quality working conditions, in any of our locations or facilities. We maintain a strict environmental policy that emphasizes sustainability & recycling and that ensures that all our systems & product design innovations take into account any potential carbon footprint impact.